News | October 24, 2005

In Vitro Technologies, Inc. And SOLVO Biotechnologies Inc. Announce North American Distribution Agreement For Solvo's In Vitro ABC Membrane Transporter Assay Products

Baltimore, US and Budapest, Hungary - In Vitro Technologies, Inc. (IVT) and SOLVO Biotechnologies Inc. (SOLVO) announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to distribute SOLVO's leading in vitro ABC Membrane Transporter Assay Product Line in the US and Canada.

In Vitro Technologies, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing quality in vitro products and services, particularly for ADME-Tox research applications. Continuing with IVT's commitment to bring an extensive line of solutions for drug discovery and development research, IVT and SOLVO have collaborated to leverage IVT's strength in the marketplace and SOLVO's innovative Membrane Transporter products. "We are very excited about this partnership with SOLVO and firmly believe that it will deliver additional value to pharmaceutical research customers in North America. By making the products available from with in the United States, we are making the purchase process efficient and cost-effective coupled with increased ability to provide technical support." said Dr. Paul Silber, President and CEO of IVT.

"By now, it is common knowledge among researchers that ABC transporters play a key role in the function of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), blood-CSF barrier, blood-testis barrier, intestinal epithelia (absorption), airway epithelia, liver epithelia and the kidney epithelia, " explained Gábor Heltovics, SOLVO's Business Development Director. "SOLVO's leading in vitro assay systems are designed to detect interaction of test compounds with a wide array of ABC Transporter proteins found at these vital pharmacological barriers. Our products are widely used for in vitro ADME/Tox, DMPK, oncology drug research and multi-drug resistant (MDR) modulating agent discovery. We welcome the opportunity to work with In Vitro Technologies, Inc. as an ideal partner to further expand the usage of our products".

SOLVO's unique technology platform is built on the following core capabilities:

  • Expression of a wide array of human ABC transporters (MDR1, MDR2/3, MRP1, MRP2, MRP3, MRP4, MRP5, MRP6, MXR, BSEP and others) and rodent (rat, mouse) transporters in various expression systems (e.g. baculovirus-based insect cell);
  • Functional characterization of proteins (ATPase, transport and binding data);
  • Identification of new drug targets on ABC transporters.

SOURCE: Solvo Biotechnology