High Sensitivity Raman and VIS-NIR Spectrometers

Source: Ocean Optics, Inc.
785 Raman Spectrometer

Ocean Optics’ Ventana Raman and VIS-NIR spectrometers have been designed to minimize light loss while maximizing throughput. Four different models make up the Ventana family, with individual spectrometers optimized for Raman measurement with 785nm laser excitation and 532nm laser excitation, as well as low signal VIS-NIR measurements (from 430 to 1100nm). Their modular and compact design provides an alternative to benchtop systems without sacrificing overall performance.

The Ventana family of high sensitivity Raman and VIS-NIR spectrometers includes:

Ventana 785 Raman Spectrometer

This spectrometer has been optimized for Raman measurements with 785nm laser excitation, allowing for low excitation power for Raman and short integration times for fast measurements. It has an 800 to 900nm wavelength range, a 250-2000 cm-1 Raman shift range, and 10 cm-1 @810nm resolution (FWHM). Datasheet.

Ventana 785L Raman Spectrometer

The 785L combines the 785 with a 120 mW TEC and VPG stabilized laser module. This spectrometer provides outstanding stability performance over time and temperature. It’s also ideal for Raman measurements with 785nm laser excitation. Datasheet.

Ventana 532 Raman Spectrometer

Like its counterparts, this spectrometer has been optimized for Raman measurements. Its main differentiating factor is its optimization for Raman measurements with 532nm laser excitation. This spectrometer covers the 533-690nm wavelength range. It has a Raman shift range of 35-4300 cm-1 and 20 cm-1 resolution (FWHM). Datasheet.

Ventana VIS-NIR Spectrometer

This spectrometer has been optimized for low signal VIS-NIR measurements (like Fluorescence). It covers the 430 to 1100nm wavelength range, and has 4nm resolution (FWHM), 17000:1 dynamic range, and ~550:1 signal to noise ratio (typical). Datasheet.