News | November 9, 2022

hc1 Introduces Sendout Management™

New solution enables hospitals and commercial laboratories to optimize their reference lab spending through real-time visibility into sendout test orders

Indianapolis, IN /PRNewswire/ - Today hc1, the leader in clinical insights, analytics and solutions for precision health, introduced hc1 Sendout Management™, a new solution that consolidates laboratory data to provide real-time insight into reference lab performance and cost to inform operational decisions.

hc1 Sendout Management provides intuitive dashboards that include key metrics like volume, total and average spend and turnaround time, enabling lab management to standardize their sendout process, ensure they are receiving the best prices and drive accountability on performance benchmarks. The solution can stand alone or be added to hc1 Analytics™ and is available now for new and existing hc1 customers.

"Sendout testing is one of the largest expenses for hospital and commercial labs, yet they often lack the real-time insights needed to make informed decisions," said John Moyer, senior product director, hc1. "Our goal with this solution is to streamline and standardize sendout data so lab managers have easy-to-understand reports and dashboards available at their fingertips," Moyer added.

Sendout Management will enable lab leaders to compare testing across reference labs to ensure the best price is being achieved, as well as analyze turnaround time and cost data for specific tests to inform decisions on bringing tests in-house versus continuing to send them out. The solution will also enable laboratory partners to improve patient care by monitoring trend-over-time analysis and real-time metrics to ensure reference labs are meeting their performance benchmarks and service-level agreements.

On Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022 hc1 will host a webinar showcasing the new solution. During this special webinar event hc1 will show what hc1 Sendout Management™ will bring to the hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ with a live demo and Q&A session. Laboratory leaders interested in having more visibility into their sendout testing volume, turnaround time and spending are encouraged to register at

To learn more about hc1 Sendout Management™, visit

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