White Paper

Have A Contingency Plan? How To Reduce IT Risk In Laboratory Informatics Projects

Source: Astrix Technology Group

IT project failures are unfortunately quite common – a recent survey by cloud portfolio management provider Innotas revealed that over 50 percent of businesses surveyed had experienced an IT project failure within the previous 12 months. A successful laboratory informatics project can be especially difficult to achieve, given the complex processes and technologies used in the laboratory environment. The success of a laboratory informatics project can be defined in terms of the delivered solution being on time and within budget, meeting all requirements, and ultimately resulting in a high level of system satisfaction, adoption, and utilization by the laboratory and supporting staff.

One of the biggest impediments to successful informatics projects are staffing issues. In managing typical laboratory informatics projects with hundreds of clients over several decades, we have encountered several common scenarios where staffing augmentation is necessary to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize project success. Unlike other companies that offer only professional services, Astrix offers a Scientific Staffing Division that is uniquely positioned to handle any staffing challenges that arise during a laboratory informatics project.

Let’s examine some of the ways in which our Staffing Division can help close the critical gaps that often lead to project failure.