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Grey Stone Labs In Texas: New Career Opportunities Available

Irving, TX (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Grey Stone Laboratories, based in Irving, Texas, is pleased to discuss the career opportunities available in their field. At the Grey Stone labs in Texas, due to the many different medical tests conducted, the company requires many different medical laboratory technicians as a part of their team.

Medical laboratory technologists act as disease detectors. Most physicians request biological samples, taken from their patients, to be tested in a laboratory. Using test tubes, fluid samples, and laboratory testing equipment, medical laboratory technologists perform these tests to confirm the presence or lack of a medical condition or to determine that additional tests are needed to pinpoint the cause.

Histotechnologists are a necessary part of the team at Grey Stone Laboratories as well. Histotechnologists collect and examine any tissue removed from the body during surgery, be it a tumor or just the tonsils. They prepare samples of the tissue for viewing under a microscope and work alongside medical doctors to diagnose patients, thereby having a direct and vital impact on a patient’s treatment plans and outcomes.

Anyone who has studied basic biology can agree that cells are the building blocks of life. Cytotechnologists, or cell detectives, spend their daily lives examining cells for evidence of disease, including cancer. Physicians or other medical technicians will obtain these cells from patients (through natural shedding, scraping, or aspiration) and pass them to these lab-based professionals. Cytotechnologists are responsible for examining, for example, the results of Pap smears but can also detect cancer and precancerous cells in any other part of the body.

MLTs (or medical laboratory technicians) usually work in a lab running diagnostic tests for cases involving AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and infectious diseases. Medical lab technicians generally do not work as closely with physicians as histotechnologists or cytotechnologists. They are typically employed under the supervision of a lab manager or medical technologist. In companies such as Grey Stone, lab managers, and compliance officers are integral parts of their team who are responsible for maintaining the high standards necessary in the field of medical care. A pathologists’ assistant is another available career path. Working under pathologists, the assistants are highly trained in managing surgical teams and processes.

Among the services available in Grey Stone laboratories Irving are many cancer detection tests. With the help of modern technology, Grey Stone runs tests for conditions such as Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Prostate Cancer through genetic testing. The laboratory also runs tests for diagnosing conditions such as Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes. The company takes pride in staying up to date with the latest industry testing methods. Grey Stone offers a comprehensive selection of toxicology testing screening and confirmation panels, allowing clients the option to tailor their approach to patient care.

At Grey Stone, the company’s vision is to make it possible for all patients to have genomics-driven precision medicine. The laboratory enables clinicians to truly deliver on precision medicine by quickly and accurately interpreting genomic data and using those insights to diagnose and treat patients. Grey Stone boasts a state-of-the-art facility, home to the highest complexity of clinical laboratory testing. Their cutting-edge technology and licensed scientific professionals are dedicated to bringing their clients fast and accurate results right to their fingertips.

Using the latest technology, the team is able to test and produce comprehensive genomic results in under 24 hours. Their work is also result orientated, and by using Illumina NextSeq and MiniSeq, they are able to accurately sequence in a timely manner. The laboratory also specializes in hereditary testing. Using the most innovative technology, they are able to detect a multitude of genes that were once considered unidentifiable.

Grey Stone Laboratories works closely with clients to create customized testing options to meet both physician and patient needs. The team also maintains high standards for lab safety and compliance. Their team continuously checks their facilities, equipment, and staff to provide results of unquestionable accuracy. Grey Stone also partners with their referring physician network to bring other solutions that can improve their outcomes. This allows their physician network to benefit from their partner ecosystem.

To learn more about Grey Stone Laboratories, interested parties may visit their official website. They may also be contacted via phone or email. The team is committed to answering client questions without lengthy hold times and multiple transfers. A warm and friendly voice is always at the ready.

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