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FormaPath Announces The Novel Tissue Biopsy Grossing Platform: nToto™

Innovative pathology device developer partnered with leading lab to invent a new, first-in-class product

Baltimore, MD /PRNewswire/ - In conjunction with a poster presentation at the United States and Canada Association of Pathologists Annual (USCAP) meeting titled "Current State of Intra-/Interobserver Accuracy and Reproducibility in Tissue Biopsy Grossing and Comparison to an Automated Vision System" – Poster #198, FormaPath is pleased to announce nToto, a new automated tissue visualization system (ATVS) developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic's Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory.

Common grossing metrics have not been captured or examined before, due to a lack of standardization in tissue grossing techniques. The goal of the study was to characterize and quantify inter- and intra-operator variability in routine gross dissection procedures performed by human technicians.

Using the results of this study to establish a baseline for comparison, FormaPath was able to confirm the feasibility of an AI-enabled, automated grossing system for standard tissue biopsies.

nToto combines state-of-the-art robotics and computer vision technology, powered by a proprietary model, which validates samples during specimen intake, transfers them to the appropriate tissue cassettes, and populates the digital grossing report with previously uncaptured data points. It is intended to support high-throughput AP Labs seeking to streamline the process of preparing tissue specimens for downstream analysis and reporting. This new system also helps mitigate the chronic labor shortage affecting the entire lab sector, relieving the lab staff of repetitive and tedious tasks.

The first nToto system is now in beta testing at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and production units will be rolled-out to several other labs later this year, with full commercialization in 2025.

About FormaPath:
FormaPath is working to revolutionize cancer specimen preparation by introducing cutting-edge laboratory devices that can augment human operators performing time-intensive procedures. This will raise the bar to set a new level of reproducible consistency. Our "hands-free" automated solutions minimize human errors, allowing for rapid and accurate sample processing, with faster turnaround times, and increasing efficiency.

With a commitment to research and innovation, we are empowering healthcare professionals to make informed and timely decisions, to help them provide every cancer patient with their best chance at a positive outcome.

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