FieldSpec Pro FR Portable Spectroradiometer

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At less than 8 kg, FieldSpec Pro FR is a truly portable field spectroradiometer
FieldSpec Pro FR Portable Spectroradiometer

At less than 8 kg, FieldSpec Pro FR is a truly portable field spectroradiometer. With a 0.35-2.5 µm spectral range and 10 nm spectral resolution, you get the data you need to analyze remotely sensed images collected by both present and future sensors. Its speed of 10 spectra per second provides versatility not available in other instruments. Configure FieldSpec to rapidly collect many spectra or select the scan averaging mode and collect fewer, high signal-to-noise, spectra. Choose from a variety of available fore-optics to customize FieldSpec Pro to your application. The FieldSpec Pro translates measurements into instant feedback: continuous real-time display on the notebook computer's LCD screen. The FieldSpec's intuitive graphical interface allows you to easily configure and control the instrument to make the measurements you need. Also available are UV/VNIR (350-1050 nm) and SWIR (1000 to 2500 nm) versions. Call us to discuss your application. And experiment with ideas, not equipment. The FieldSpec Pro portable spectroradiometer for solar reflectance, radiance and irradiance measurements is available in five different models: FieldSpec Pro UV/VNIR (350 - 1050 nm), FieldSpec Pro NIR (1000 - 2500 nm), FieldSpec Pro FR (350 - 2500 nm), FieldSpec Pro UV/VNIR/CCD (350 - 1030 nm), and FieldSpec Pro Dual UV/VNIR (350 - 1050 nm). All of these FieldSpec models come complete with the following standard features:

  • Fiber optic cable input, 1.4 meters in length with 25° full angle cone of acceptance field-of-view.
  • Supplied with a sub notebook computer with AC/DC adapter-charger, battery, hard disk drive, and floppy disk drive.
  • Spectrometer Computer Interface: Bi-Directional Parallel Port.
  • Spectrometer battery pack with fanny pack battery belt and harness.
  • RS2 user interface software with pull-down menus and easy-to-use screens.
  • Software for data acquisition and storage of Raw DN, reflectance, radiance and irradiance measurements.
  • Real-time calculations of reflectance.*
  • Real-time display of Raw DN, reflectance spectra, radiance or irradiance.**
  • Real-time spectrum averaging for up to 31,800 spectra for increased signal-to-noise.
  • 16 bit encoding. 12 bit for CCD units.
  • Offset correction with built-in shutter, Drift Lock drift compensation and automatic offset subtraction.
  • Automatic time stamp in spectral file headers and automatic spectral file extension assignments.
  • Pistol grip that can be mounted on a tripod.
  • Users manual
  • 1 year limited warranty

A variety of optional accessories and software are also available at additional cost:
  • White reference reflectance panels
  • Field-of-view fore optics and sights
  • Additional battery packs and AC/DC adapter/chargers
  • 7-35 Volt DC adapter
  • Hard drive and RAM upgrades
  • Data analysis and customized software
  • ASD laboratory radiometric calibration files
  • Longer fiber optic cables and jumpers

* Except FieldSpec Dual units, which feature post processing calculation and display of reflectance. **Optional ASD laboratory radiometric calibrations or user radiometric calibrations required.
The FieldSpec Pro FR spectroradiometer combines three spectrometers to cover the entire solar reflected portion of the spectrum, 350 to 2500 nm. A photo diode array spectrometer is used to cover the 350 to 1000 nm spectral range (UV/VNIR), while two fast scanning spectrometers provide coverage for the wavelength range from 1000 to 2500 nm (SWIR 1 and 2). The UV/VNIR detector is a 512 element low dark current NMOS photo diode array operated at ambient temperature. Single element InGaAs detectors, thermoelectrically cooled, are used in the two SWIR spectrometers. All three spectrometers utilize concave holographic grating as the wavelength dispersing elements. The light input to the FieldSpec Pro FR's spectrometers is through a fiber optic bundle, 1.4 meters in length. While the use of longer fiber optic cables is possible, the performance will be degraded at wavelengths beyond 2200 nm. The optical fibers carrying the light to the spectrometers are packaged as a single bundle exterior to the instrument. Once inside the instrument, the fibers are separated into three bundles which then deliver the collected light to each of the three spectrometers. The common probe end has a 25° field-of-view and may be fed through the included tripod mountable pistol grip. Optional fore optics attach to the pistol grip. Optional fore optics include: cosine receptor for irradiance measurements, and field of view fore optics for reflectance and radiance measurements.

The instrument is controlled, and data displayed and stored using either the supplied sub-notebook computer or any compatible desktop computer. Spectra from each spectrometer are joined by software and electronics forming continuous spectra from 350 - 2500 nm. Rechargeable NiMH batteries for portable operation are contained in the instrument enclosure.

Performance specifications for the FieldSpec Pro FR spectroradiometer:

  • Spectral range: 350 - 2500 nm
  • Sensors: One 512 element photo diode array and two thermoelectrically cooled, "graded index", extended range InGaAs photodiodes
  • Sensor linearity: +/-1%
  • Dispersion elements: One fixed and two fast scanning holographic reflective gratings.
  • Sampling interval: 1.4 nm for 350 - 1000 nm, 2 nm for 1000 - 2500 nm.
  • Spectral resolution: 3 nm @ 700 nm, 10 nm @ 1500 nm, and 10 nm @ 2100 nm.
  • Number of channels: The FieldSpec Pro FR spectroradiometer is preset to record data using the best possible resolution for the entire spectrum. For the entire region 350 - 2500 nm there are 1512 channels prior to interpolation. The user may adjust the spectrum viewing parameters, such as the axis configuration, to suit their needs. Also, the user may use the mouse operated "rubber band" zoom-in feature. Continuous spectra are displayed in real-time on the LCD for raw DN or reflectance. Radiance and irradiance spectra may be displayed in post processing.
  • Wavelength accuracy: +/-1 nm.
  • Wavelength Repeatability: Better than +/-0.3 nm with +/-10° C of calibration temperature.
  • Scan time: A new spectrum is generated every 0.1 seconds for the entire spectral range.
  • Data storage: Data are stored in binary form on the built-in hard disk drive.
  • Dynamic range: Based on the responsivity of the FieldSpec Pro FR spectroradiometer, maximum radiance values measurable by the FieldSpec Pro FR are well in excess of twice those for a 0° solar zenith angle and a 100% reflectance Lambertian panel. The responsivity was determined by viewing a stable, NIST traceable, radiance source with the FieldSpec Pro FR.
  • Second order effects: The FieldSpec Pro FR spectroradiometer has three spectrometers. The first spectrometer, covering from 350 to 1000 nm, is based on a 512 element photodiode array. Because the wavelength coverage of this spectrometer is more than one octave, a multi-element order sorting filter is mounted on top of the detector array. This filter prevents second order (and higher) diffracted light from reaching the detector. The second and third spectrometers, covering from 1000 to 1800 nm and from 1800 to 2500 nm respectively, cover a wavelength range that is less than one octave. The detector in each spectrometer has a long pass filter, with wavelength cut-ons of 980 nm and 1750 nm respectively, to prevent any second (or higher) order diffracted light from reaching the detector.
  • Operational weight: 8 kg (this includes the battery pack)
  • Operational size: 33 x 12 x 41 cm.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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