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fiber optic connectivity, patch cords, cable assemblies, specialty fibers, cable splicing equipment

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fiber optic connectivity, patch cords, cable assemblies, specialty fibers, cable splicing equipment

All of Telect's products, like the CableLinks Cable Management System, solve a variety of problems in telecommunications and datacom networks. Click the appropriate application link below to see how Telect's products fit into typical applications, or click on a Telect product link to the right to get more specific information about individual products from one of the most innovative companies in the telecommunications Industry.

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Central Office
The central office, also called the exchange, houses the telephone switching equipment used to terminate circuits. It provides local loops (access lines) with termination and connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The wireless base station relays connections from the wired (i.e., fiber or copper) side of the network to the wireless (mobile node) side.

Co-location is the location of a customer's equipment in a service provider's premises. The customer may be an end user or another local or long distance telecommunications company. The advantage of co-location to a CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) is the close proximity to the existing equipment of the ILEC (incumbent local exchange carrier).

Remote Site/Node
Any piece of equipment attached to a network by a telco-supplied link is a remote site or node. Typically, it is either a connection point for redistribution or an end point for data transmission. In general, a node has programmed or engineered capabilities to recognize and process or forward transmissions to other nodes.

Customer Demarcation
Customer demarcation is the point at which communication facilities owned by one organization interface with those of another organization. In telephone terminology this is the interface between customer premises equipment and network service provider equipment.

Internet Service Provider
An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides access to the Internet via a local loop carrier to residential and business customers.

The MTSO (mobile telephone switching office) or MSC (mobile switching center) houses the field monitoring and relay stations for switching calls between the cellular and wire-based central office. Consisting of a highly sophisticated computer, a switch, and telephone trunk lines that connect to the local telco, the MTSO controls the entire operation of a cellular system.

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Telect is a global provider of connectivity solutions for the communications world, including the wireless and wireline telephone industries, private networks, government, utilities, OEM markets, and others. Key product lines include fiber optic and digital equipment, digital access cross-connect systems, cable management solutions, power distribution and protection panels, and cabling and accessory products.

In addition, Telect's Integrated Systems Group (ISG) specializes in complete rack, bay, and frame solutions for connectivity applications, including design, integration, and installation capabilities.

Telect serves its customers through a worldwide service network, as well as a dynamic Internet presence at, which features full e-commerce capabilities, unique product and application information, and more.

A privately held company headquartered in Liberty Lake, Washington, Telect has succeeded since its origins in 1982 due to a sincere commitment to meeting the needs of its customers, as well as a rich history of product innovation.

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