News | August 4, 2021

Empower Clinics Completes Landmark Kai Laboratory Expansion

Empower Clinics Inc. ("Empower" or the "Company") an integrated healthcare company - serving patients through medical centers, telemedicine platforms and a high complexity medical diagnostics laboratory processing thousands of COVID-19 specimens is delighted to announce the completion of its Kai Medical Laboratory ("Kai Lab") expansion.

Acquired by Empower Clinics on October 6, 2020, Kai Lab's Texas facility represents best-in-class testing capabilities. Since Q4 2020, Kai Labs has been a consistent revenue driver for the Company by meeting the needs of enterprise clients focused on cultivating a safer work environment. Thus far in 2021, Kai labs has yielded consistent and promising growth for Empower Clinics.

"I'm immensely proud the Kai Lab team for completing this monumental expansion," said Steven McAuley, Chairman and CEO of Empower. "This endeavor has unleashed Kai Lab's full potential to become a leader in both enterprise and direct to consumer testing, a matter of utmost important as individuals and businesses prepare for another flu season."

"After months of hard work, I'm thrilled to see the successful completion of Kai Lab's crucial expansion," said Yoshi Tyler, President of Kai Labs. "Through the leadership and expertise of the Empower Team we continue to make strides in meeting the demands of North America's healthcare space."

In addition to expanding the volume of current testing services, this milestone brings new product and service offerings to Kai Labs, such as dried blood spot card-based testing, vitamine, and hormone testing. Kai Labs also invested in its future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic by augmenting its research and development endeavors and its ability to collect a variety of specimen samples for testing. New testing offerings will include saliva and swab-based testing, respiratory pathogen panel, urinary tract and sexually transmitted infections testing. A ceremony to launch the expanded Kai Labs is slated for Fall 2021.

Source: Empower Clinics Inc.