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Emeritusdx Receives Clinical Laboratory Permit From New York State Department Of Health, Expanding Service Nationwide

The Milestone Enables EmeritusDX to Provide their Diagnostic Services to All 50 States

Lake Forest, CA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - EmeritusDX, a rapidly growing cancer diagnostics and information company, is proud to announce that it has been granted a Clinical Laboratory Permit by the New York State Department of Health. This significant milestone enables EmeritusDX to accept specimens from all 50 states, marking its expansion as a national laboratory.

The receipt of this permit is a testament to EmeritusDX's commitment to meeting high standards of quality and compliance in laboratory testing. By expanding its service reach across the United States, EmeritusDX is poised to support more healthcare providers and patients with its comprehensive suite of diagnostic tests.

Robert Embree, CEO of EmeritusDX, expressed his enthusiasm for the new opportunities this permit presents. "This is a monumental achievement for EmeritusDX and a key milestone in our mission to enhance patient care through innovative diagnostic services. Receiving the Clinical Laboratory Permit from the New York State Department of Health not only validates our unwavering commitment to quality but also significantly broadens our operational footprint. We are now poised to grow our laboratory's impact and reach, serving patients and providers across the nation with the excellence and reliability that define our work."

Jason Allchin, President of EmeritusDX, also shared his vision for the company's future. "With this permit, EmeritusDX is set to become a cornerstone in national laboratory services, providing unmatched support to healthcare systems across the country. Our ability to receive specimens from all 50 states enhances our mission to deliver precise, timely, and crucial diagnostic information that healthcare providers depend on to make informed treatment decisions. This expansion is a stepping stone for EmeritusDX to innovate further, ensuring that every patient, regardless of their location, has access to high-quality diagnostic services."

The Clinical Laboratory Permit is a critical component of EmeritusDX's strategic plan to enhance its laboratory operations and provide access to technologies that will drive the future of diagnostics. By leveraging this new capability, EmeritusDX is dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of the healthcare community, contributing to improved patient outcomes nationwide.

About EmeritusDX
EmeritusDX is a cancer diagnostic and information company. Our expertise is in delivering actionable clinical information. Within our world-class laboratory, we perform testing that guides the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Our partners include hospital and private pathology laboratories, biotechnology companies, academic institutions, contract research and pharmaceutical development organizations, and more. We understand the dependency on our accurate and timely results and our commitment to excellence in this regard is unwavering.

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