News | June 3, 1999

EG&G Completes Acquisition of PE's Analytical Instruments Division

EG&G Inc. (Wellesley, MA) has completed its acquisition of PE Corp.'s (Norwalk, CT) Analytical Instruments Division, a producer of analytical testing instruments and consumables. The acquisition extends EG&G's presence in such areas as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and environmental analyses, and food and beverage screening.

In FY1998, Perkin Elmer Analytical Instruments generated approximately $580 million in sales. Its systems are used to achieve product uniformity in drugs and medicines, ensure the purity of food and water, protect the environment, and measure and test the structural integrity of many different materials.

"In addition to a premier brand name, Perkin Elmer has a strong customer base, a worldwide distribution network in over 100 countries, and a dedicated workforce," said Gregory Summe, EG&G chairman and CEO.

EG&G Inc. is a technology company that provides products and systems to medical, telecom, aerospace, semiconductor, photographic, and other industries. It also delivers support services to government and industrial customers.

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