News | June 24, 2014

Easy Lab Chemical Waste Storage Now Available


Sterlitech's New EZWaste Safety Vented Carboys Store Chemical Waste Safely and Securely

Kent, WA (PRWEB) - Sterlitech Corporation, a leading manufacturer of laboratory filtration equipment, is adding the EZWaste Safety Vented Carboy to its roster of ergonomic, compact fluid storage and transport equipment. These new, specially vented carboys are designed to help scientists create a safer laboratory environment by reducing the risks of spills and preventing hazardous solvent vapors from infiltrating the lab.

The EZWaste Safety Vented Carboys are a direct descendent of the EZGrip Carboys currently offered by Sterlitech, which means they share the same efficient, ergonomic design. What sets the EZWaste apart from the normal carboy is a special VersaCap with integrated tubing connections and an activated carbon exhaust filter. Each EZWaste system comes with extra plugs for any unused ports in the cap, and a sulfur-cured EPDM gasket to ensure a tight, chemically resistant seal. Once waste collection is complete, the vented cap is easily replaced with a standard cap for storage or transport to a designated waste facility.

“Many organic solvents common to laboratories, like acetonitrile, can give off hazardous vapors, while others, like dimethyl sulfoxide, can easily permeate through the skin when airborne,” says Mark Spatz, founder and President of Sterlitech. “The EZWaste carboy creates a closed waste collection system, preventing spills and minimizing the risks of exposure to personnel from volatile organic compounds.”

By their very nature, laboratories are expected to handle and store potentially harmful chemicals used in techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Solvents like acetonitrile, methanol, and tetrahydrofuran may be necessary to conduct research, but exposing laboratory personnel to the risk of spills and harsh vapors can now be minimized.

About Sterlitech
Sterlitech Corporation provides superior laboratory products, specializing in flat sheet filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, Sterlitech’s membrane disc filters, filter holders, silt density index test kits, and syringe and capsule filters are consistently relied upon to assure exceptional results.


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