News | June 6, 2024

Dobrobut Opened Own Diagnostic Laboratories In Kyiv

Dobrobut Medical Network has opened two Dobrolab diagnostic laboratories in its multidisciplinary hospitals at 3 Simi Idzykovskikh Street and 12A Mykola Bazhana Avenue.

“Dobrolab is equipped with modern equipment and reagents from world-class manufacturers. Each stage of laboratory testing is automated, and internal and external quality control is implemented in the diagnostic laboratories. The use of artificial intelligence minimizes the influence of the human factor and, as a result, the likelihood of error.

Patients can get tested at all Dobrobut medical centers. The results are entered into the chain's unified medical information system and are immediately available to the doctor. Cito requests (urgent) are processed around the clock at the multidisciplinary hospitals on Idzykovsky and Bazhana streets in a record time - within 1 hour. This helps in quick diagnosis and further treatment.

The most popular types of laboratory tests can be performed at Dobrolab at market prices:

  • general clinical studies
  • biochemical tests;
  • hormones
  • immunohematological studies;
  • immunological and autoimmune studies;
  • infections.

Source: Dobrobut