News | January 26, 2022

DNA Labs International Launches The Newest Technology For Forensic Genetic Genealogy

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) - DNA Labs International, which specializes in forensic DNA analysis including forensic genetic genealogy (FGG) for law enforcement agencies, government forensic labs, and attorneys, is announcing the release of their newest technology, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) testing with the ForenSeq™ Kintelligence Kit.

Forensic Genetic Genealogy cases can now be processed by an ISO 17025:2017 and FBI QAS accredited forensic laboratory with over 18 years of experience from start to finish. SNP testing that is used for FGG was previously developed for family ancestry testing and required significantly more input DNA than what is needed for traditional forensic DNA analysis. In many cases, crime scene evidence results in limited amounts of DNA, and many cases previously did not yield enough DNA to conduct the SNP testing utilized for FGG.

"This is new technology that we prioritized bringing online at our laboratory because we were seeing so many cases not eligible for analysis with the existing technology.” said Rachel Oefelein, Director of Research and Innovation for DNA Labs International. “We have already experienced the solving power of Kintelligence in casework, and we are thrilled to continue to assist law enforcement in 2022 with new leads on cold cases!"

DNA Labs International was the first laboratory in the country to bring this technology online and is transforming how SNP testing is utilized for forensic genetic genealogy using the Kintelligence system. It was designed with forensic samples in mind to be human-specific and use 10,230 SNP markers specifically selected for FGG purposes. The ForenSeq™ Kintelligence SNP profile is uploaded to GEDmatch PRO for searching, and subsequent genealogy research. GEDmatch PRO is a dedicated portal designed to support police and forensic teams with investigative comparisons to GEDmatch data. This means faster and higher quality results with smaller inputs of DNA!

In October of 2021, DNA Labs International completed the internal validations of three Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms; ForenSeq™ mtDNA Whole Genome, ForenSeq™ Signature Prep Primer Set B, and ForenSeq™ Kintelligence. All three platforms are produced by Verogen utilizing the MiSeq FGx system.

“When we launched the ForenSeq™ Kintelligence workflow, our aim was to expand access to FGG to all operational forensic laboratories.” said Brett Williams, Chief Executive Officer for Verogen Inc. “DLI's validation of ForenSeq™ Kintelligence and GEDmatch PRO will enhance the ability of investigators and forensic scientists to solve unsolvable cases without compromising on medical genetic privacy. We are proud to support our partners, like DLI, in their mission.

About DNA Labs International:
Since 2004, DNA Labs International has been providing clients with exceptional quality service based on open communications, equal attention to the importance of every case, and accurate and reliable results every time. They provide the latest technology available to solve cases, such as Forensic Genetic Genealogy, SpentShellTM ,for fired cartridge casings, the M-VAC®, a wet vacuum DNA collection tool, and STRmix®, a software program that can solve previously inconclusive DNA results. DNA Labs International is accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the country’s longest established provider of ISO 17025 accreditation to Forensic Sciences testing laboratories in the U.S.

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