News | July 11, 2014

Digest 12 Samples In Less Than 20 Minutes: Multiwave GO From Anton Paar

gI_123687_Multiwave GO

Anton Paar’s recently launched Multiwave GO combines the best features of monomode and multimode microwave systems in a compact instrument.

(PRWEB UK) - Steve Singh, Anton Paar Ltd

The use of microwave technology in sample preparation has been established for decades. Huge multimode ovens as well as small monomode reactors are used in analytical laboratories to digest various samples according to numerous different protocols. Now the time has come to introduce an innovation to further enhance the efficiency of microwave heating for sample preparation in an everyday laboratory workflow. Anton Paar’s recently launched Multiwave GO combines the best features of monomode and multimode microwave instruments in a compact system. Like in a monomode system, the microwaves are directed to the sample for highly efficient heating in a compact system, but, as in a multimode system, several samples can be digested in a single run employing a lightweight 12-position rotor.

The revolutionary DMC Directed Multimode Cavity technology provides maximum efficiency and minimal heating times in a compact multimode system. Guided into the oven cavity, the microwave field is focused onto the vessels by a unique mechanism and adapts itself to the number of charged positions in the rotor as well as the filling volume of each vessel. The microwave field is focused on the individual samples and the energy is consumed where it is really needed. With this automatic vessel recognition even small quantities as well as multiple samples are heated quickly to temperatures up to 250°C, ensuring high-quality digestion at minimal process times.

This novel concept was developed to fit the needs of chemists, such as:

  • Fast process times and high sample throughput
  • Flexibility in terms of sample amounts, sample numbers and throughput
  • Optimisation of standard applications
  • Robustness for constant instrument availability

What to do when one has only one vessel to digest? Multiwave GO with its DMC Directed Multimode Cavity has been optimised to perfectly run a single vessel, making blind vessels obsolete. Superior and simple vessel handling reduces the general preparation time. In combination with the efficient DMC Directed Multimode Cavity technology and the highly efficient TURBO cooling concept, working at full capacity remains an economic process, preparing an average of 18 samples per hour for each measurement.

The applied SMART VENT technology allows precise pressure control of digestions. Overpressure is safely released by pressure-activated venting. This leads to increased digestion temperatures and permits sample weights up to 3 g per vessel. Additionally, a non-invasive sensor masters internal temperature control of all vessels.

Since the SMART VENT technology independently releases the overpressure of each vessel individually, samples with different and unknown reaction behavior are safely digested in a single run.

No matter which field of application one is in, Multiwave GO can quickly digest a huge variety of samples. From environmental to petrochemistry samples, polymers and plastics as well as food, metals, alloys and geochemical samples – anything can be digested with the SMART VENT technology, applying EPA and other standard test methods, of course.

Low running costs and the small footprint to save valuable lab space together with the time-saving benefit of parallel digestions make Multiwave GO an economic partner in the routine sample preparation business.


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