D2 & Hollow Cathode Lamps

Source: REFLEXAnalytical Corporation
With great pride and endorsement, REFLEXAnalytical supplies Cathodeon manufactured Deuterium and Hollow Cathode lamps...
With great pride and endorsement, REFLEXAnalytical supplies Cathodeon manufactured Deuterium and Hollow Cathode lamps. Cathodeon lamps remain the first choice for instrument manufacturers and discerning scientists throughout the world. Request a catalog for a complete schedule of Deuterium and Hollow Cathode lamps.

The schedule of Hollow Cathode lamps represents 70 single element lamps in alphabetical order from Aluminum - Zirconium. Also included are multi-element combinations. Both single and multi-element lamps are available in the standard 1 1/2" (37mm) and 2" (50mm) diameters.

The 2" (50mm) lamps were designed specifically to fit directly in Perkin-Elmer instruments. The 1 1/2" (37mm) lamps are suitable for most other atomic absorption (AA) instrument manufacturers including Baird Atomic, Beckman, Chemtech Analytical, Corning EEL (Evans), Fisher Jarrel-Ash, GBC, Hitachi, Instrumentation Laboratory, Jenoptik, Philips Analytical, Unicam, Rank-Hilger, Scintrex, Shandon Southern, Shimadzu, Thermo Jarrell-Ash, Varian Techtron and Zeiss.

In addition to Background Correction lamps for GBC, Perkin-Elmer, Unicam and Varian; Data Coded Hollow Cathode lamps for Perkin-Elmer and Varian are also available.

The Deuterium lamp schedule also lists alphabetically the instrument manufacturers for which the lamps are available to fit and they include:

Altex, Aminco, A.B.I., Applied Research Lab, A.C.S., Barspec, Bausch & Lomb, Beckman, Biorad, Biotronic, Buchler, Camag, Camspec, Cecil, Carlo Erba, Coleman, Columbia Science, Dionex, Dupont, EM Science, Erma, GBC, Gilford, Gilson, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Hi-Tech, IBM, Isco, Jasco, Jobin Yvon, Joyce Loebl, Knauer, Kontron, Kratos, LDC, Lear Siegler, Linear, LKB, McPherson, Measurex, Meloy Labs, Micromeritics, Milton Roy, Nicolet, Oriel, Optica, Perkin-Elmer, Philips, Pye Unicam, Saitron, Secoman, Shimadzu, Spectra Physics, Thermo Environmental, Tracor, Turner, Varian, Waters and Zeiss.

Notably, among the many Hollow Cathode and Deuterium lamps, REFLEXAnalytical offers the hard-to-find, yet reasonably priced standard and pre-aligned lamp assemblies for the following Beckman instruments with corresponding Beckman part numbers:

DU-600/7000 (514366), DU-60 (596791), DU-70 (523253), 166 HPLC (239372), 168 HPLC (538711), 166 HPLC (538706), 164/165/167 (236920)

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