CPX Series I/O and Fieldbus Terminals

Source: Festo Corporation
Festo Corporation

CPX – the ideal platform for electrical peripherals. Perfect as a valve terminal partner or as remote I/O: electrical, open and direct.

With CPX and the CPI system, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards.


  • Modular and flexible IP65 remote I/O
  • Decentralized and networked intelligence
  • Minimizes installation costs and increases productivity
  • Maximum function integration for new applications

Practical – the best title for a technology that delivers what it promises. Even when that promise is substantial and innovative. A platform and a solution package for complex communication scenarios in automation – that’s how simple the future can be. CPX contributes to high-tech CPX in a practical test CPX in factory and process automation and reliable automation communication in factory and process automation.

Complete solution for process automation Optimized process: automating the cyclic filtration – backwashing for filter cleaning process increases water production per hour. The integrated interaction of the CPX-CEC control system, with controller algorithm, CPX analogue module, MPA pilot valve, DFPB semi-rotary drive and SRAP analogue sensor box replaces a complex electrical positioner with a robust, simple and economical solution.


  • Robust and simple technology increases reliability
  • In case of power failure, a pneumatic controller is available for emergency operation
  • Complete pre-installed and tested components reduce installation time
  • Components or complete solution from a single source reduces number of suppliers
  • Integrated automation solution with the CPX platform simplifies engineering Interlinked, stand-alone machine modules, feed units with a compact vision system


CPX – your independent I/O platform for:

  • A universe of possibilities
  • An unsurpassed variety of modules and applications

CPX – the new benchmark for perfecting networking thanks to:

  • Universal communication via Fieldbus/Ethernet
  • A choice of pneumatic platforms (valve terminals)
  • Remote decentralized installation system CPI

CPX – greater economy and operational reliability through function integration, such as:

  • Front-end control
  • A range of scalable installation concepts
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and condition monitoring
  • Motion control for
    • electric drives and
    • servo-pneumatic drives
  • Measuring and controlling