Compact Gage Controllers

Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.

Compact Gage Controllers
Compact Vacuum Measurement & Control
Compact Vacuum Measurement & Control


  • Measuring range 10-11 mbar to 50 bar
  • Easy to operate
  • Set points with relay output
  • Interfaces RS-232-C, RS-422, RS-485
  • Calibration factor for different gases
  • Automatic zero setting for Piezo and Capacitance Gauges
  • Non-volatile parameter memory

Pressure display

For display, the pressure units mbar, Torr or Pa can be selected.
The pressure is displayed in floating point and exponential format. The format is changed over automatically


The unit runs through a self-diagnostics routine after adjustments are made. Error states are displayed immediately. Errors can be reported to external equipment via a relay contact.

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