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CLEARSTEM Skincare Introduces Its First Ever Acne Lab Test

Anti-acne and anti-aging Skincare Brand Announces Its Telehealth Debut with its first-ever Acne Lab Test*

San Diego, CA /PRNewswire/ - CLEARSTEM Skincare (CLEARSTEM), the non-toxic, clean skincare brand, announced its telehealth debut with the launch of its CLEARSTEM Acne Lab Test. CLEARSTEM's revolutionary Acne Lab Test introduces a new era of skincare designed to identify consumer's unique root cause(s) of acne and provide a personalized treatment plan. The blood test is currently sold online

"We've been there with acne—Danielle and myself included—the endless specialists, treatments, and medications, hoping for that magic acne treatment," said Kayleigh Christina, CGO and Co-Founder of CLEARSTEM Skincare. "After years of research we are beyond excited for people to find their exact root cause of acne through our Acne Lab Test and relieve themselves of the constant frustration and mental toll that struggling with acne takes."

As acne is the most common skin concern in the U.S. affecting up to 50 million Americans annually, according to the American Dermatology Association, CLEARSTEM recognizes that addressing acne effectively requires a comprehensive understanding of its underlying factors. Made in collaboration with Integrative & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Blood Chemistry Expert, Emily Morrow, and Rupa Health, the CLEARSTEM Acne Lab Test uses a blood sample to analyze which of the 80+ acne markers, such as blood urea nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine, mean corpuscular volume (MCV), are contributing to the body's root causes of acne.

Customers will receive personalized results on behalf of CLEARSTEM's team of experts, which includes Co-Founders Danielle and Kayleigh, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Emily Morrow, detailing a path to healthier skin such as, product, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations.

"We are thrilled to be launching into the telehealth space and furthering our mission to provide clean, effective, and science-backed solutions for our customers," said Danielle Gronich, CEO and Co-Founder of CLEARSTEM Skincare. "The Acne Lab Test is a game changer in the industry as it goes beyond the skin to uncover the markers of internal imbalance and provide definitive, personalized results."

With a portfolio of products formulated with trusted, non-pore clogging ingredients, CLEARSTEM helps consumers achieve clearer, healthier skin. The CLEARSTEM Acne Lab Test is sold exclusively at for $449, which includes lab tests, personal root cause of acne report, analysis, protocol, blood draw, and three free months of access to membership program. Following the three month trial period, the membership costs $19 per month. To learn more, please visit and follow @clearstemskincare on Instagram.

Founded in 2017 by Licensed Clinical Esthetician and Acne Expert, Danielle Gronich (The Acne Guru™) & Certified Holistic Nutritionist Kayleigh Christina, CLEARSTEM Skincare is the revolutionary brand that is both anti-acne and anti-aging with zero hormone-disrupting ingredients. If you've ever dealt with breakouts, you know that traditional acne products cause excessive dryness and aging, while anti-aging products are full of thick, pore-clogging ingredients that create more acne. The founders of CLEARSTEM are both in their thirties and are extremely acne-prone, so they formulated the first clean skincare line that targets acne and wrinkles at the same time - without toxic irritants or pore-clogging fillers.

* Testing is not available in NY, NJ, RI, or outside of the continental United States.

Source: CLEARSTEM Skincare

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