White Paper

Cleanroom Suitability: What Products And Product Conditions Are Necessary?

Source: Festo Corporation

More and more industry segments have to manufacture their products under clean conditions. Whereas 50 years ago only the emerging semiconductor industry, aerospace technology and perhaps the nuclear industry used cleanrooms, today there are numerous industry segments in which "clean" or at least "controlled" ambient conditions are required for production. These cleanrooms need to have suitable production equipment, including of course all those components that are built into the machines and systems in the cleanroom. In most cases conventional catalogue and series components are perfectly adequate for pneumatic and electric handling components. Ultimately, all suppliers of machine components and parts must prove that their products are appropriate for use in a cleanroom.

This white paper provides answers to the questions:

  • What is a cleanroom (definition, norms, standards)?
  • How are products tested for suitability for cleanrooms?
  • In which areas and applications are cleanrooms necessary?
  • Under which conditions are series products suitable for cleanrooms?