CDS 6000

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CDS 6000
The Model 6000 Sample Concentrator is the world's most versatile volatiles processing instrument available
The Model 6000 Sample Concentrator is the world's most versatile volatiles processing instrument available. Capable of performing either Purge and Trap, dynamic headspace or both, the 6000 offers high temperature capability, inert sample pathways, 20 method storage, rapid trap heating, water elimination system, computer interface and a wide variety of sampling options for any sample size and matrices. Equipped with an automatic vacuum pump for air sampling, it becomes the CAM 6000, which may be used to collect volatiles from ambient air, containers, or processing locations. For larger samples, the 6000 may be fitted with bulk dynamic headspace vessels, which are temperature controlled up to 300°C.

In addition to ambient, sorbent traps which meet US EPA specifications, the 6000 may be used with cryogenic trapping, cryogenic refocusing on the GC column, or both. The thermal desorber is compatible with the Pyroprobe line of pyrolyzers, and the 6000 may be equipped with a reactant gas option to permit heating the sample in one gas with transfer to the GC in another.

CAM 6000 Self-Contained Vacuum Pump Option


The CDS Analytical Model 6000, equipped with the self-contained air sampling vacuum pump, may be used with the self contained ambient air or from a sample container such as a Tedlar bag directly onto the trap. The Model 6000 may still be used for the analysis of water samples by purge and trap using a sampling vessel and an inert carrier gas.

Principle of Operation

When performing purge and trap analysis of a water sample, the Model 6000 supplies pressurized carrier gas at the inlet of the purge vessel. This carrier gas bubbles through the water, leaves the top of the bottle and goes through the valve oven, through the trap, and then exits at the vent. To pull an air sample through the trap instead, the vacuum pump is connected to the vent of the Model 6000. During sampling now, the pump draws the sample into the trap, and the sample carrier gas is not required. The water sampling vessel is removed, and replaced with a piece of plain tubing to connect the valve oven sample inlet to the source of the air sample.

Inlet to the Model 6000 for the air samples is a Swagelok fitting located on top of the instrument at the left hand side. If nothing is connected to the fitting, the vacuum pump simply pulls in room air during sampling. A piece of tubing may be connected here to connect the inlet to a specific device (such as a Tedlar bag) or to bring in room air from a different location. The air sample moves through this fitting, then proceeds through the tubing which replaced the sparging vessel, into the valve oven, then through the trap and out the trap vent, which is connected to the vacuum pump. Finally, the air is vented from the system through the vacuum pump vent, located on the front panel.

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