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Biolabs International LLC Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Watmind USA™ For Next-Generation Diagnostics Platform

San Diego, CA /PRNewswire/ - As the world eagerly anticipates advancements in diagnostics, Biolabs International LLC stands at the forefront of innovation with the announcement of an exclusive distribution agreement. In response to the unprecedented demand for the highly accurate, Point Of Care (POC) COVID-19 + Flu A&B Antigen Test, Biolabs International LLC has secured a partnership with Watmind USA™, the manufacturer of the acclaimed SpeedySwab™, COVID-19 + FLU A&B Antigen Test (Point Of Care).

2024 marks a pivotal moment in the field of diagnostics, with the introduction of a new generation of 3-in-1 tests capable of detecting COVID-19 + FLU A&B. Recognizing the significance of this breakthrough, Biolabs International LLC has solidified its commitment to excellence by forging an exclusive partnership with Watmind USA™.

"We Only Deal with the Best" – Biolabs International LLC prides itself on this ethos, and the establishment of this exclusive distribution agreement reaffirms its dedication to providing superior products to its customers. With FDA/EUA 230037 Issued May 8, 2024, the SpeedySwab™, Rapid COVID-19 + FLU A&B Antigen Test represents the pinnacle of accuracy and reliability.

About Biolabs International LLC:
Since the onset of the pandemic, Biolabs International LLC has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. From developing cutting-edge reporting software to distributing rapid antigen tests across the nation, Biolabs International LLC has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability.

About Watmind USA™:
Watmind USA™ is a healthcare biotechnology company based in the United States. The company is focused on bringing innovative diagnostic testing devices to U.S. consumers to improve healthcare outcomes. Our flagship brand, SpeedySwab™, epitomizes accuracy, speed, and convenience, setting new industry standards in diagnostic testing. Watmind USA™ is a global provider of healthcare products whose core values are innovation, reliability, and user-centered care.

Distribution Strategy:
Biolabs International LLC is committed to ensuring widespread access to its products through a carefully curated network of distributors. Hand-selected from trusted and experienced partners, these distributors will play a crucial role in delivering tests to healthcare providers, government agencies, schools, pharmacies, retail outlets, and more.

Transportation Excellence:
With a long-term logistics partner known for its unparalleled efficiency, Biolabs International LLC guarantees exceptional control over the transportation and delivery of its products. From warehousing to shipping and regulatory compliance, Biolabs International LLC sets the industry standard for reliability and precision.

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