News | December 6, 2023

Biofidelity Launches ASPYRE®-Lung Reagents, Enabling Laboratories Worldwide To Perform Rapid Precision Genomic Analysis

ASPYRE-Lung Research Use Only (RUO) reagents enable localized testing and rapid results across all NCCN guideline recommended genes for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Cambridge and Research Triangle, NC /PRNewswire/ - Biofidelity today announced the commercial launch of its ASPYRE®-Lung RUO reagent product.

ASPYRE-Lung dramatically simplifies and accelerates the detection of genomic biomarkers, enabling localized testing at a fraction of the cost of current sequencing tests, with results available in days instead of weeks.

Learn more about ASPYRE-Lung RUO here.

"Following the recent launch of the ASPYRE-Lung Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) we are excited to quickly deliver our reagent solution to customers for research use," said Barnaby Balmforth, PhD, Biofidelity Co-founder and CEO. "Both launches represent a major step toward decentralizing genomic testing and enabling enhanced access to critical biomarker testing through our CLIA laboratory and research customers."

ASPYRE-Lung RUO solves key issues that create barriers to biomarker testing. ASPYRE runs on existing PCR instruments already available in laboratories around the world, and can be rapidly implemented without new laboratory staff, sample batching, or complex bioinformatics. ASPYRE's high sensitivity enables testing from tissue samples with as little as 10% tumor content, compared to 20% or 30% for most competing assays. And critically, ASPYRE enables fast analysis of comprehensive panels of genomic biomarkers without the need to send samples to a centralized lab, which often takes weeks to obtain results, allowing labs to maintain control of valuable samples.

Customers are eager to internalize rapid precision diagnostics. "At Athena Esoterix we're honored to serve a diverse group of clients, all of whom require high-quality diagnostic testing with rapid turnaround", said Elizabeth Forrester, PhD, Athena Esoterix Founder and Technical Director. "ASPYRE-Lung RUO will help us enable our physician customers to provide rapid input into their research projects."

About Biofidelity
Biofidelity is a rapidly growing commercial-stage genomic technology company dedicated to bringing the benefits of precision medicine to patients around the world.

ASPYRE®, the first application of our novel molecular biology technology platform, makes genomic analysis simpler, faster, and more efficient. With the ability to harness existing instrumentation commonplace in laboratories worldwide, ASPYRE provides straightforward, cost-effective access to the vital information needed for accurate targeting and monitoring of cancer treatment.

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