News | December 5, 2023

Biocare Medical Unveils Intelli PATH+: Next-Generation Enhancement Of The Proven Intellipath FLX Staining System

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Biocare Medical, a leader in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) diagnostics, is proud to introduce the intelliPATH+ Advanced Staining Instrument. This state-of-the-art upgrade solidifies Biocare Medical's dedication to superior automated IHC staining processes and marks a significant expansion of its advanced, automated staining portfolio, which includes the acclaimed ONCORE Pro and ARC Decloaking Chamber.

Designed for Ultimate Flexibility and Robust Antibody Staining
The intelliPATH+ has been meticulously redesigned with input from users and the latest technological advancements to become a fully open system that accommodates continuous random access with immediate STAT capabilities. It offers a seamless workflow with increased speed and superior quality in IHC staining, all while reducing waste. Specifically crafted for laboratory professionals who demand the reliability of automated processes with the adaptability for bespoke needs, the intelliPATH+ boasts protocol customization for each of its 50 slide positions, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Feature-Rich for Enhanced Laboratory Usability
The intelliPATH platforms have always set the standard for dependable and consistent staining results. The new intelliPATH+ builds on this legacy with a revamped and scalable user interface, designed to streamline laboratory workflows to unprecedented levels. The user-friendly interface simplifies the navigation across various features, offering users the choice of pre-set protocols or the ability to create their own, with adjustable dispense volumes ranging from 100µl to 600µl across three selectable zones, for a tailored and efficient staining experience.

Integrated Precision: The Power of intelliPATH+ and ARC Together
The intelliPATH+ system takes command of every analytical detail in the staining process. When used in conjunction with our latest ARC decloaking chamber, it enables users to achieve robust, reproducible, and vivid staining results that stand out from other market offerings. Specifically designed for Heat-Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) with in vitro diagnostic (IVD) standards, the ARC is indispensable for high-fidelity IHC and ISH staining. It can accommodate up to 72 standard slides or 27 double-wide slides in a single session, providing a versatile temperature range from 60°C to 121°C. This makes the ARC an essential tool for clinical and research ensuring precise and consistent outcomes.

Availability and Support
Labeled for IVD use, intelliPATH+ is now available for purchase in the United States and select international countries. Customers can expect comprehensive training and support from Biocare Medical's dedicated customer care teams.

For more details or to schedule a demonstration, interested individuals can follow the provided link.

About Biocare Medical
Biocare Medical is a global leader in solutions for cancer research and diagnostics, providing world-class reagents, including tissue-conserving simultaneous Multiplex IHC antibody cocktails and detections; renowned Customer Care; and a comprehensive suite of advanced instrumentation for IHC, molecular, and histology testing. Customers include clinical anatomic pathology laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and biotechnology companies as well as academic, government, military, and other non-profit laboratories. Biocare's reagent portfolio includes primary antibodies, Multiplex IHC, and FISH probes for target indications. Biocare also offers a unique line of polymer detections for clinical, human, and animal research that deliver high sensitivity and exceptionally low background. The Company's advanced automated instrument platforms, intelliPATH+, ONCORE Pro and ONCORE Pro X have been designed to meet every need from high throughput clinical diagnostics to flexible research requirements.

Source: Biocare Medical

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