Article | August 26, 2016

Automating Technology In The Production Of Infusion And Blood Bags

Source: Festo Corporation
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By Peter Kronawitter


The trend in automation technology is towards smaller, multifunctional components. Compact one-way flow control valves type VFOF-LE-BAH are one of the latest developments in the field of pneumatics. In machines and systems for the production of infusion and blood bags at Kiefel GmbH, they shorten assembly time and reduce the installation space required by over 50 per cent.

When manufacturing bags for medical fluids, extreme precision and high production speeds are of the utmost importance. The systems produced by Kiefel GmbH meet both requirements. The company specialises in developing and building systems for thermoforming and joining polymer films and is a global technology leader. Its machines for manufacturing infusion bags based on the contact welding method produce up to 6,500 bags per hour, while systems for making blood bags based on the high-frequency welding method produce up to 2,500 units. Innovative pneumatic components from Festo can be found in all Kiefel machines. The extremely compact one-way flow control valves VFOF-LE-BHA with their three-in-one function not only save on assembly time, but also reduce installation space requirements and make maintenance easier.