News | November 3, 2023

Allelica Launches The Allelica Precision Server, An On-Premises Solution For Clinical Bioinformatics Analyses

Allelica announces the release of the Allelica Precision Server for CLIA-compliant, on-premises analysis and clinical reporting of polygenic risk score, pharmacogenomics and carrier screening

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Allelica, the leading provider of software tools for clinical bioinformatics, announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Allelica Precision Server (APS). APS revolutionizes the way medical laboratories approach clinical bioinformatics analyses, streamlining polygenic risk score (PRS), pharmacogenomics (PGx), and carrier screening analyses securely and efficiently within their own environments.

APS is designed to support the development of clinical tests that meet the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) standards, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of results.
For clinical laboratories developing these tests, it's crucial to perform validation procedures using the same software tools which will be used in production. APS enables users to have full control of the software tools from validation through to production phases.

Stringent regulatory standards for data transfer and protection can limit access to cloud-based bioinformatics solutions on the market. APS eliminates the need for concerns around data transfer by empowering users to harness the full potential of PRS, PGx, and carrier screening in their own infrastructure.

Dr. George Busby, CSO of Allelica, will present the company's work on the clinical workflow implemented within APS at the annual American Society of Human Genetics meeting in Washington D.C. this week.

"Ensuring compliance with rigid regulatory requirements is increasingly challenging for laboratories, especially as new products and tests are developed," said Dr. Busby. "APS provides labs with a solution to these challenges, ensuring they are always up to industry standards as they continue to grow and innovate their precision medicine portfolio."

This breakthrough product opens up a new era of possibilities for in-house clinical analyses, offering customizable output that includes raw data, structured data elements, and full PDF reporting which can be made available as a white-label product. With APS, medical professionals have the flexibility to tailor their reporting to meet specific needs, making it an indispensable tool for precision medicine.

APS is the latest in Allelica's comprehensive line up of clinical bioinformatics tools. The suite of products also includes PREDICT for ancestry-specific PRS analysis and clinical reporting and DISCOVER & VALIDATE for the development and validation of new PRSs.

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About Allelica
Allelica is a leading genomic software company that specializes in secure and scalable solutions to implement clinical polygenic risk scores (PRSs) in multiple ancestries. Allelica's technology combines world-class datasets with the most advanced algorithms to build PRSs with the highest predictive power for estimating disease risk. Allelica's tools translate the enormous potential of genomic data into practical tools that can be used to identify individuals with a high genetic susceptibility for life-threatening diseases. Through the incorporation of genetics into disease risk assessments, Allelica is helping to build the foundations of preventive medicine by helping to identify those for whom early intervention and behavior modification could help reduce lifetime risk. To learn more, visit

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