News | April 28, 2014

Addition Of UMTS Modem To Dyzle Remote Cold Chain Monitoring Solution Extends Global Coverage To Japan And South Korea

Source: Dyzle

Almere, The Netherlands - Dyzle BV, the global leader in measuring and analyzing business process data for the cold chain in real-time, has introduced a UMTS modem to its Y-Gate wireless sensor base station solution, enabling full global coverage of the company’s real-time cold chain monitoring solution, including in countries like Japan and South Korea.

The addition of this connectivity means that those involved in transportation and storage of food and pharmaceutical products now have availability of wireless sensing solutions that will work across the world, since the Dyzle solution now offers UMTS as well as GPRS connections. This enables end-to-end cold chain monitoring that can be used to provide proof of product integrity and to assure customers of the safety of the products that reach them.

The Y-Gate is a base station that connects to wireless temperature sensors placed in cold storage and in transportation to monitor the status of temperature-sensitive products.  This is part of a complete platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution for measuring and analyzing the data, and providing access to the cloud-based business process data in real-time for complete visibility of the cold chain.

It helps those involved in cold chain logistics to answer at any time questions related to the status of a shipment, its location, and if there are any temperature excursions (and where they are occurring). Dyzle’s platform solution provides real-time alerts of excursions and provides a personal online dashboard to provide a single visual overview of the entire cold chain. The platform is completely open and independent, and can integrate cold chain data from multiple third party sources, including RFID, barcode scanners, databases and ERP systems.

The main benefit of the connected solution and open cloud based platform is that it provides complete and accurate intelligence and automated compliance reports related to the quality of temperature sensitive products in a shipment. The addition of UMTS connectivity provides global coverage.

About Dyzle

Dyzle offers customers undisputable evidence for the quality of temperature sensitive products. From farm-to-fork or production-to-patient, Dyzle is able to monitor the cold supply chain in real-time. With different dashboards for general management, quality assurance (QA) and logistics management, customers in food and pharmaceuticals are able to reduce their cost and unburden the stress of regulatory requirements.  For more information, visit

Source: Dyzle