250C Transmission Cell

Source: REFLEXAnalytical Corporation
This heated transmission cell permits transmission mode
This heated transmission cell permits transmission mode measurements of solid and liquid samples up to 250C. The cell has a low voltage heating system for safety and provides a protective water cooling system integrated within the standard slide-mount assembly to prevent heat transfer to the spectrometer. The cell is ideal for phase transition studies, temperature dependent absorption analysis, reaction kinetics, oxidation and polymerization studies. Sample cells are held in place by stainless steel retaining plates and quick release nuts. Options available include liquid sealed and demountable cell configurations, solids cell, gas exchange solids cell, flow through cells, high pressure cells and a variety of window materials to assemble within these cells. Additional options represent a choice of temperature controllers for 110V or 220V operation with or without an RS-232 computer interface. Request a catalog for a complete schedule.

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