• Miele: It's Worth The Investment

    Why Miele? - In just 2 1/2 minutes, you will discover what makes Miele laboratory glassware washers stand out from the competition. Precision engineered to provide rapid heating and fast cycle times with brilliant results, Miele laboratory glassware washers stand the test of time.

  • Temperature Monitoring Technology for Healthcare Shipments

    Logistics expert Kevin O’Donnell, Senior Partner, Exelsius Cold Chain Management, presents the basics of temperature monitoring for healthcare shipments. From simple temperature indicators to more sophisticated electronic systems that include intervention protocols, you have more options than you may think. Kevin Etter, Product Manager, UPS Global Healthcare Logistics Strategy Group, explains why it’s so important to know what's going on during high value shipments.

  • Marken - IQPC 2011 Marken’s Wes Wheeler speaks of the industry’s movement toward biologicals...with a growth rate projection of 50%. Marken is working to address that trend.
  • Demonstration Of Millipore's Newest Product, The Samplicity Filtration System Rebecca Duguid, Product Marketing Manager at EMD Millipore, demonstrates Millipore's newest product the Samplicity Filtration System at Pittcon 2011.
  • Protecting & Legally Defending The Authenticity Of Your Scientific Data This web seminar provides an encompassing view of intellectual property protection and data integrity issues facing the bio-sciences industry today.


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