Product Showcase

  1. High Flow Rate Solenoid Valve

    Sturdy and with high flow rates – the new standard valve for your everyday tasks.

  2. Manufacturing Control Cabinets

    Control solutions for simple to medium complexity electrical and/or pneumatic systems.

  3. Process Automation Seminars and Workshops

    Further training, with the objective of supporting people in companies to deal with current as well as future problems and provide them with new answers – that is the purpose of FestoDidactic.

  4. Modular Production System – Transfer System

    The MPS® transfer system has been developed for everyone who wants to make headway with training, be it for the electrical or metal trades or for training technicians and engineers in mechatronics.

  5. Modular Production System – Combining Stations

    A new interface concept that offers many possibilities for direct combination of individual stations.

  6. Manufacturing Pick&Place Stations

    The Pick&Place station is equipped with a two-axis Pick&Place module. Workpiece housings placed on the conveyor are detected by an optical diffuse sensor. The workpiece is transported to the pneumatic separator on the conveyor and detected by a second diffuse sensor. The Pick&Place module picks up a workpiece insert from the slide and places it on the workpiece housing. The complete workpiece (housing and insert) is released by the separator and transported to the end of the conveyor. A light barrier detects the workpiece at the end of the conveyor.

  7. Media Preparation – Fast, Reproducible and Safe

    The MEDIACLAVE product range allows the rapid and gentle preparation of 1 – 30 L culture medium. Precise controlling and monitoring of temperature, time and pressure during the sterilization process guarantee constant high quality.

  8. Pipette Calibration Moisture Trap

    The "quick check" is based on the free entry of up to 9 repetitions.  The method "according to ISO 8655" requires 10 pipettings or 3 x 10 pipettings for variable pipettes. After entering of the pipette data as well as the climate data temperature and air pressure (to determine the Z factor), the Q-App guides the user through each calibration process step.

  9. Apps for Your Laboratory Balance - Cubis Individual Q-Apps

    No more PCs in the lab – let Cubis® individual take over for you.

  10. Balance Weighing a Fume Hood: Q-Grid

    Enhance Weighing Reliability in Areas You Never Thought Possible