News | May 9, 2014

Fast Focusing Mirrors For High Energy Physics And Astronomy


Generations of customers have benefited from incorporating high precision on-axis parabolic mirrors from Optical Surfaces Ltd. into their optical systems.

With a heritage stretching back over 50 years, to the production of large astronomical telescope optics in excess of 1 metre diameter, Optical Surfaces is today recognised as one of the world's leading producers of on-axis paraboloids for applications in high energy physics and astronomy.

Using proprietary production techniques and benefiting from an ultra-stable production environment - Optical Surfaces highly experienced and skilled engineers can, depending on the surface accuracy required, generate very fast focusing on-axis parabolic mirrors ( < f 0.7).

In comparison to an off-axis mirror design, the f-number achievable with an on-axis parabolic mirror is higher therefore more energy can be concentrated. Other advantages of on-axis parabolic mirrors are that generally, alignment is less critical, thus easier and for the same apparent f-number an on-axis parabolic mirror will be less expensive.

On-axis parabolic mirrors are especially suitable for broadband or multiple wavelength applications due to their completely achromatic performance. A range of coatings is available from Optical Surfaces including metallic (with or without protective overcoat), multilayer dielectric and ultra hard coatings for high-power lasers.

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SOURCE: Optical Surfaces Ltd.

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