Healthcare and Automation - Not Smarter Machines: Smarter Man-Machine Processes

September 3, 2020 - CA US


Overview: Healthcare is often driven by factors extraneous to but impacting on care delivery: regulation, revenue cycle, supplychain and many others. Now, enter IT automation as a companion driving force - no longer in the business office but out on the floors. Old news, but still a problem that needs to be addressed: how to best integrate it smoothly. Why you should Attend: There are many examples of successful EMR, HIE, and other automation implementations within American healthcare. There are also many examples of projects not going according to plan, with the attendant cost-overruns and missed schedule dates. Equally important is that even the dates that are met often don't deliver as promised. How can this be avoided? This session will explore this question and provide some thoughts and answers.

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