TurboMatrix Headspace Autosamplers

Source: PerkinElmer Instruments, Inc.

For increased convenience and flexibility, the exciting new TurboMatrix family of Headspace Samplers
For increased convenience and flexibility, the exciting new TurboMatrix family of Headspace Samplers from PerkinElmer Instruments offers a leading-edge graphical user interface and the capability to interface with different manufacturers' gas chromatographs. The TurboMatrix Headspace Samplers provide the highest possible sample throughput, as well as accurate and reproducible results. The unique pressure-balanced sampling technique allows for rapid transfer of the sample along with increased sensitivity. The TurboMatrix family includes three versions that can be loaded with up to 16, 40, and 110 sample vials, respectively.

PerkinElmer's patented pneumatic pressure-balanced system provides unmatched accuracy and run-to-run reproducibility. Users can rapidly transfer the sample as a narrow band to the gas chromatography (GC) column, resulting in sharp peaks. This technique prevents carrier gas dilution, thereby increasing the sensitivity of the analysis, and eliminates the need for gas syringes, thus avoiding fractionation. In addition, the pressure-balanced method does not require multiport valves that are prone to adsorption and can introduce dead volumes.

The TurboMatrix Headspace Samplers utilize a state-of-the-art overlapping thermostatting process in order to achieve maximum sample throughput while maintaining accuracy. After the first sample is injected, the unit calculates the optimum thermostatting time of the next vial. It then conveniently heats and equilibrates the next sample according to the calculated time so that it can be injected as soon as the gas chromatograph is ready for the next run. As an additional convenience, the TurboMatrix Headspace Samplers offer a priority vial for analyzing rush samples.

In addition to utilizing a built-in graphical LCD display with touch-screen, the Headspace Samplers also can be controlled from a personal computer using PerkinElmer's external control software package.

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