Newsletter | May 16, 2019

05.16.19 -- Transforming Your Lab With Smart Technology

Accelerate Time To Market With An Electronic Lab Notebook

Going paperless with a digital solution — specifically an electronic lab notebook (ELN) — has provided the breakthrough many organizations required, yet failed implementations abound. A successful digital transition requires careful due diligence in assessing an organization’s core requirements and available ELN technology in the context of a well-defined implementation plan that includes a pilot program.

Speed Up The Pace Of Chemical Research And Development

Today’s chemical development labs are busy places that create fascinating new chemicals, new formulations, and new products that boost the bottom line. But are these labs as efficient as they could be?

It’s Time To Go Electronic In The Lab

The paper-based lab versus the digital lab. The largest barrier to innovation for any lab is performing tasks manually and recording experiment data in paper lab notebooks. Easy-to-use digital applications can increase productivity while reducing wasted time and inefficiencies associated with searching for relevant experiment data.

Improve Lab Productivity, Reduce Compliance Risk And More

Today’s Life Sciences industry is facing major challenges like patent expirations and low R&D productivity, increasing competition globally and decreasing margins, as well as non-optimized processes and compliance pressure. The laboratory space is contributing to these issues when timely access to information is hindered because data is locked in silos when decisions are necessary.