Newsletter | March 28, 2019

03.28.19 -- Transforming Lab Operations For Better Outcomes

Quality By Design In Biopharma R&D: Bringing Quality Forward Pays Off

With biologics filling the pipelines of life sciences companies more than ever, the biopharmaceutical industry needs to rethink its view of quality. Once primarily considered a focus in downstream drug development and manufacturing, quality now demands just as much attention in upstream discovery research.

Can The Cloud Prevent Collaboration Failure In Biopharma?

Biopharma organizations are expanding external collaborative relationships beyond traditional boundaries and creating flexible networks of researchers. These networks are increasing in size and complexity with many combining numerous partners with diverse project objectives. Externalized projects like this raise important data security and project management challenges.

Optimize Biologic Drug Development With The Power Of Scientific Informatics

The complex structure of biologics, the nature of the interactions with their partners, require accurate modeling method to predict their physicochemical properties, and ultimately accelerate innovation and bring better products to market faster.

The Case For Intelligent Design (And Infrastructure) In Biologics R&D

This video presents a summary of trends, challenges, and technologies in biologics discovery and development, and covers emerging capabilities in biologics discovery research.