Thermoparamagnetic Oxygen Transmitter

Source: Panametrics, Inc.
Thermoparamagnetic Oxygen Transmitter
The XMO2 provides computer-enhanced, drift-free O2 measurement in a compact, rugged, on-line transmitter
The XMO2 provides computer-enhanced, drift-free O2 measurement in a compact, rugged, on-line transmitter. It is ideal for use wherever accurate and reliable long-term oxygen measurement is critical to process and product quality. This includes inerting/blanketing liquid storage tanks, reactor feed gases, flare gas, catalyst regeneration, oxygen purity and other applications. The device is specifically designed to overcome the limitations of conventional oxygen analyzers. It does not require analyzer shack installation in a general-purpose area, but can be field-mounted at the process measuring point, thereby minimizing sample conditioning requirements and ensuring the best sample and the fastest possible response. There are no moving parts, making it insensitive to mounting position or vibration and providing excellent long-term reliability.

An on-board microprocessor enables the transmitter to provide advanced on-line signal detection and conditioning, real-time error detection and automatic compensation of the O2 reading for background gas and/or pressure variations. This results in a linearity of better than 0.5% of span, a long-term accuracy of 1% of span, and a stability of 0.8% of span per month. A proprietary fast-response software routine enhances the standard response of the thermoparamagnetic oxygen sensor, providing typical times of less than 5 seconds for a 63% response.

It can be programmed in the field or remotely with application-specific data via an RS232 interface and three-level, menu-driven software. When recalibration does become necessary, it can be accomplished quickly and easily through software, with no pots to adjust. The transmitter requires 24-VDC power, and provides an isolated 4- to 20-mA output signal for O2 concentration that is programmable for zero and span. It is available in either weatherproof (NEMA 4X, IP65) or explosion-proof (NEMA 7) enclosures in ranges from 0-1% to 0-100%.

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