Newsletter | July 7, 2022

07.07.22 -- The Biotech Beatdown with Allan Shaw and New Hybrid Roles for Cell Therapy Clinical Trials -- Listen Now!


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Voices From The Frontline Of Cell And Gene Discovery

Moving On From AAV, With Poseida Therapeutics' CEO, Mark Gergen

Poseida Therapeutics is a broad platform technology company led by CEO Mark Gergen. In this episode, Gergen explains how and why the company is moving away from AAV delivery in favor of nanoparticle delivery. He also shares some of the biggest hurdles the CGT sector faces when it comes to the development of off-the-shelf therapies.

Inside The New Hybrid Roles For Cell Therapy Clinical Trials, With Immatics' Michael Mehler

Autologous cell therapy products and clinical trials are complex, and stakeholder investment is diverse. Immatics' Michael Mehler explains why new hybrid roles operate in clinical operations, supply chains, and medical affairs to help bridge the gap between sponsor and trial site in an autologous setting. What size CGT companies will benefit most from these new hybrid roles?


Antibody-Cytokine Combinations, With Philogen's Dr. Dario Neri
Philogen cofounder, CEO, and CSO Professor Dario Neri shares the incredible story of the company's progress and explains Philogen's approach to delivering bioactive agents to the site of disease using antibodies or small organic ligands, thus increasing therapeutic activity and helping spare normal tissues.
Fibroblasts In Regenerative Medicine, With Pete O'Heeron And Dr. Hamid Khoja
FibroBiologics chairman, CEO, and founder, Pete O'Heeron, shares the manufacturing technology that's driving the company's exploitation of fibroblasts to develop regenerative therapies for indications ranging from degenerative disk disease and multiple sclerosis to cancer immunotherapies and therapeutics.
Lara Sullivan, M.D., On Site-Specific ADCs, Change Management

Lara Sullivan, M.D., shares the science and technology driving progress at Pyxis Oncology and serves up a master class on change management, honed during her tenure managing high-stakes product portfolios at Pfizer. 

The Biotech Beatdown, With Allan Shaw

Frequent guest and business of biotech brainiac Allan Shaw joins us to dissect the beleaguered biotech capital markets. We pick apart what's driving sentiment and how we got here, whether the industry is over-inventoried, what's getting funded, what's not, and what biotech leaders should be doing in an investment landscape marked by hyper-discernment. 

Inflammation And Antibodies, With Ampio Pharmaceutical's Mike Martino, CEO

Ampio Pharmaceuticals is currently weaving the gauntlet of a clinical hold triggered by COVID-19's disruption to clinical studies of its lead candidate Ampion, and recently launched an independent investigation into that trial and others. Here, Ampio Pharmaceuticals chairman and CEO Mike Martino joins us for a candid discussion on the company, the candidate, the disruption, and the go-forward plan.