News | May 25, 2022

Spectrum Solutions Receives IRB Approval For Saliva-Based Multi-Omic Discovery, Detection And Diagnostic Innovation


Spectrum Solutions, LLC today announced its medical science division has received independent institutional review board (IRB) approval from Sterling IRB to drive saliva-based multi-omic discovery, detection, and diagnostic innovation. This broad reaching IRB clearance highlights a focus on noninvasive molecular diagnostic and antigen-based multiplex RT-PCR testing using human saliva collected, stabilized, and amplified with the Spectrum saliva self-collection system under the direction of principal investigator and Spectrum’s Chief Science Officer, David J Vigerust, PhD.

At the start of the pandemic, Spectrum Solutions was the first to push the boundaries of discovery and expand the nation’s diagnostic awareness to a safer option using saliva. As a result, Spectrum’s noninvasive saliva self-collection innovation was the first to receive FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for saliva-based COVID-19 testing. The vast benefits of this advance in clinical diagnostic healthcare using saliva continue to reach across the multiverse of omics and ologies impacting patient outcomes worldwide.

“We are excited to see testing service providers, medical facilities and laboratories around the globe embracing and favoring saliva-based testing using Spectrum’s innovation for its unparalleled ease-of-use and safety,” said Rohit Gupta, Chief Medical Officer at Spectrum Solutions.

Among others, this study highlights two key elements to advancing, modernizing, and safely managing remote care. First, the early detection and in-device neutralization of multiple pathogens in a single saliva test and second, the importance of consistent, robust post-collection sample stability at ambient temperatures offering stress-free storage and extended transport solutions.


Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Spectrum Solutions is a life science company using its focused industry expertise to drive noninvasive saliva molecular diagnostic and screening innovation. Our pioneering research, products, engineering, and development-to-delivery commercialization capabilities are setting new standards of modernized care for patients, providers, and laboratories in the testing, managing, and treatment of disease. We believe when you bridge the gap between science and real medical solutions you deliver innovation with the practical power to impact and change outcomes. For more information, please visit

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