Spe-ed SPE

Source: Applied Separations, Inc.
Features of the Solid Phase Extraction Product Line
Why Choose Applied Separations Spe-ed Solid Phase Extraction Products?

Spe-ed Quality for Reliable and Reproducible Results

Choose Spe-ed SPE products for the highest quality cartridges and the greatest selection available.

  • Medical grade polypropylene cartridges with the lowest amount of extractables.
  • Reproducible results, less variability, and a smooth transition to automated procedures.
  • Tight quality control for particle size, surface activity, pH, flow rate, and interference.
  • Lot to lot variation in our sorbents and resins is negligible.
  • Packaging in hermetically sealed packets prevents contamination, and allows inspection of cartridges before use.

Easy to Use
Spe-ed Cartridges are simple to use and allow four-step sample preparation. Our technical support staff is available to assist you in methods development.

Fast Sample Preparation

Prepare samples up to nine times faster than with traditional extraction techniques. We also offer special configurations to speed up your solid phase extraction procedures, such as our non-clogging Spe-ed Flow configuration.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly
Reduce the use of hazardous solvents by 95%, and reduce operator time, glassware, and equipment by 83%.

Applied Separations offers the largest selection of sorbents and resins available packed into a multitude of cartridge configurations. Our cartridges can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • pharmaceutical
  • environmental
  • clinical
  • toxicology
  • biological
  • foods and cosmetics
  • agriculture
  • combinatorial chemistry

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