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04/19/12 -- Products Lighten Load For Life Sciences Shipping

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Ultrapure Water and Costs Under Control

Ultrapure Water and Costs Under Control

For scientists and lab technicians who need a reliable source of ultrapure water, Sartorius leverages 140 years of experience in lab instrument development and purification technologies by offering a complete range of water purification systems. The arium® pro family provides the highest consistent water quality, exceeding ASTM type 1 specifications, due to the efficient removal of all possible contamination for reliable and reproducible results at an unmatched cost of ownership. Click here.

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Products Lighten Load For Life Sciences Shipping
By CryoPort, Inc.
CryoPort Inc., a company founded more than a decade ago, is looking to aggressively build market share in 2011 with both hometown and global customers by providing an approach that replaces dry ice to ship life-sustaining vaccines and other medical research materials that are used in clinical trials around the world.

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Medical Diagnostic Laboratories Announces New Testing For Aerobic Vaginitis
Arkansas Dermatopathology Selects AP LIS For New Laboratory
Siemens Manufacturing Plant Leaning Towards Collaboration With NHS Delegation
Thermo Fisher Scientific Opens New Demonstration Center In South Korea
SAW Instruments Launches samX Biosensor Access Program
OGT Releases Major CytoSure Software Update
Bridging The Gap Between Cost And Throughput
Hamilton Thorne Receives Patent Approval On Innovative RED-i Target Locator For Laser Systems
Shimadzu Center For Advanced Analytical Chemistry Formed
Test For Measuring Risk Of Colorectal Cancer Underscores Growing Role Of Molecular Diagnostics
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Brochure: Amsco® Century® Medium Steam Sterilizers
Amsco Century Medium Steam Sterilizers are designed for fast, efficient sterilization of heat- and moisture-stable materials in central sterilization departments. Their state-of-the-art features help you achieve greater throughput and lower operating costs than ever before.

White Paper: Water Type And Cleaning For NuAire Incubators
Rather then waiting for evaporation to occur (recovery takes hours), some Nuaire units are equipped with RH recovery systems that allows the unit to recover to a desired RH percent within minutes of a door closing.

Use Of Custom Methods Capability Of NanoDrop Spectrophotometers For Toxicology Studies
Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays are commonly used to quantitatively analyze important cellular processes in order to assess disease states, toxicology, and drug efficacy and safety. Many cell proliferation/cytotoxicity assays rely on a tetrazolium dye which is reduced into a formazan product in the mitochondria of metabolically active cells.
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