Newsletter | February 7, 2022

02.07.22 -- Pod Lovers: Hybrid mAb Manufacturing, RNA's Advantages Over Other Cell Therapies and more!


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Voices From The Frontline Of Cell And Gene Discovery

Cellevolve Bio's Dr. Derrell Porter On The Need For Diversity And Inclusion In Biotech

Cellevolve Bio's founder and CEO, Dr. Derrell Porter, shares his experience with starting up a cell therapy company and why we, as an industry, need to advocate for more Black leaders and leaders of color in the biotech industry.

RNA's Advantages Over Other Cell Therapies, With Cartesian's CSO

Dr. Michael Singer, CSO at Cartesian Therapeutics, details why RNA has advantages over other cell therapies, the company's three RNA trials, and the therapeutic benefit of multiple modifications.


A Hybrid mAb Manufacturing Model, With John Glasspool

Anthos Therapeutics CEO John Glasspool discusses the advantages and challenges of the hybrid manufacturing approach at Anthos and how its mAbs have demonstrated an 80% reduction of the rate of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in post-operative total knee arthroplasty patients compared to the standard of care (enoxaparin).

Biotech Capital Markets Forecast, With Allan Shaw

As Allan Shaw likes to say, "there have never been so many people with their hands out, and there has never been so much money to go around." But how sustainable is this seemingly perennial boom in the biotech capital markets? Will the road go on forever and the party never end, or are there signs of a slowdown on the horizon?

Venture Philanthropy For Type 1 Diabetes, With T1D Fund's Katie Ellias

The JDRF's T1D Fund is exemplary of an indication-specific advocacy group's aggressive pursuit of a cure through venture philanthropy. Managing director Katie Ellias explains the fund's unique approach, why Type 1 Diabetes is an important and potentially lucrative indication, and how the venture philanthropy model applies to the life sciences startup community.  

Bye-Bye Broad Spectrum: A Precision Approach To Infectious Disease

Locus Biosciences CEO Paul Garofolo shares the company's effort to develop precision therapeutics for infectious diseases at Locus, the company's decision to build its own cGMP manufacturing facility in Research Triangle Park, and the business opportunity the field addresses in the effort to overcome antibiotic resistance. 

Bioengineering Human Tissue, With Humacyte's Dr. Heather Prichard

Humacyte COO Dr. Heather Prichard discusses the company's pipeline of candidates for the repair, replacement, and reconstruction of human vascular vessels, including the company's scale-up story and the science and engineering behind a unique approach to regenerative medicine using human tissue.