3-Piece Sanitary Ball Valve Assembly VAPB-3F

Source: Festo Corporation

Festo Corporation

This 3-Piece sanitary ball valve assembly is a stainless steel valve preassembled with a pneumatic actuator.

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For high purity applications; pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemicals, food and beverage and semiconductor. Options include, cavity filled, CIP connections, 3A approval, etc. Economical and a time saver, Festo has matched the torques, mounting patterns and hardware for you. This reduces the necessary engineering time and simplifies your logistics and procurement and ensures a working solution every time.


  • True tube full port
  • Made of corrosion-resistant 316LSS (A351GR.CF3m)
  • Versatile 3 piece valve
  • 20Rq internal surface finish
  • Simple pneumatic actuation
  • Dual piston rack and pinion quarter turn actuator
  • Double acting and spring return actuators
  • ISO/Namur/VDI/VDE interfaces for accessories
  • Suitable for range of fluids and inert gases


  • Eliminates pooling of process media
  • 3 piece valve design allows for easy repair and cleaning while mounted on pipe
  • One part number simplifies ordering and logistics
  • Fast delivery
  • No assembly required
  • Design of brackets and hardware not required
  • Preconfigured solution simplifies product selection
  • Simple addition of accessories due to standard interfaces

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