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Integration Of Remote Sensors Into Airborne Particle Counters To Monitor Critical Environments
By TSI Incorporated
As many of you already know, when a particle counter continuously monitors an aseptic manufacturing process, it is positioned to detect potential harm to the product. The purpose is to detect changes, transient events, particle excursions and deviations from processing norms that may pose an increased risk to the product or process.

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Liquid Handling: Optimizing Your Pipetting Performance
Some laboratory workers perform thousands of tests daily with problems being caused by continual depression of the plunger on pipettors, which in turn cause errors in pipetting. In addition, there are many factors related to the pipettor, tips, and the laboratory worker which affect the accuracy and precision in pipetting.

When To Replace Your Biological Safety Cabinet
Use of modern day Biological Safety cabinets (BSC's) began in the early 1970's with BSC's that were manufactured to the NIH-03-112C Standard and subsequently the NSF Standard 49. BSC's manufactured in the 70's, 80's and early 90's have provided over 15 years of service.

An Introduction To Chemical Adsorption Analytical Techniques And Methods
Catalysts are used in a variety of applications from the production of consumer goods to the protection of the environment.Chemical adsorption ("chemisorption") analysis techniques provide much of the information necessary to evaluate catalyst materials in the design and production phases, as well as after a period of use.
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