Newsletter | August 5, 2020

08.05.20 -- New Podcast Episodes Featuring Interviews With Heat Biologics, Athersys, Obsidian Therapeutics And More

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Business Of Biotech Introduces The Summer Executive Sessions

Jeff Wolf On Heat Bio's Therapeutic Platform

With the science behind Heat Biologics' platform to activate immune responses against pathogenic or cancer antigens in place, founder and CEO Jeff Wolf proceeded to structure the organization in a strategic fashion to support that platform. On this episode, Wolf tells us how he did it.

Solving The COVID-19 Workforce Crisis

Obsidian Therapeutics CEO Dr. Paul Wotton didn't let pandemic-induced workforce restrictions impede his biopharma's progress. On this episode, Wotton tells us how a homegrown software application, dubbed SWFT, was built, how it's working, and why Obsidian has made it available to more than 30 (and growing) other biotechs, free of charge. 

Insight From Ivor Macleod, Athersys' Big-League Finance Pro

In this episode, listen to Athersys CFO Ivor Macleod, who brings finance leadership experience at Roche and Merck to Athersys as the company readies its lead candidate for life beyond clinical trials. Learn how Macleod applies big-league finance principles to an emerging biopharma company.

Just Dropped: New Episodes From Life Science Connect

Is Puerto Rico The Answer To U.S. Pharma Manufacturing?

Louis Garguilo elaborates on his recent editorial regarding the immense opportunity that Puerto Rico offers — and has offered for years — to pharma manufacturers looking to bring back operations to the United States.

Can A Biosimilars Shared Savings Model Work In The U.S.?

Anna Rose Welch talks about a new white paper that explains why now is the best time for a U.S. biosimilars shared savings model.

Virtual Conferences: Are You Getting Value From Them?

Virtual conferences are here to stay ... for a while at least. Rob Wright relates some of the pros and cons regarding these events based on his first-hand experiences these past few months.

Biopharma 4.0


Listen to Herman and Erich define Biopharma 4.0 and discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping drug discovery, development, processing, and manufacturing. On this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts, you'll learn how new technologies will impact your next facility.