Newsletter | October 6, 2020

10.06.20 -- New Podcast Episodes: Data Quality For FDA Submissions, CMC Considerations For FIH Studies, And More

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First In-Human Studies With Bolt Bio Drs. Edith Perez And Nathan Ihle

Bolt Biotherapeutics CMO, Dr. Edith Perez, and VP of CMC & Quality, Dr. Nathan Ihle, bring a unique combination of patient and production process expertise to the table for an enlightening conversation on preparing chemistry, manufacturing, and controls for an IND and ensuing first-in-human studies.

Data Quality Master Files With Dr. Robert Hariri

The development of Celularity's therapies is dependent on the large-scale collection of stem cells harvested from afterbirth in maternity wards across the globe. The approach begs for FDA oversight, which is why Celularity founder Dr. Robert Hariri makes for an excellent discussion on the importance of data quality and complete master files for FDA submissions. 

GMP And CMC Mastery With Dr. Shabbir Anik

Sutro Biopharma CTO, Shabbir Anik, has contributed to 15 INDs and 10 NDA’s over the course of his distinguished career. We sat down for a chat about the mechanics of GMP and CMC strategy in Sutro's effort to move its antibody conjugate, bispecific antibody, and cytokine derivative candidates forward.

Dr. Gaurav Shah Rockets Chief Gene Therapist Virtuoso

Rocket Pharmaceuticals CEO, Dr. Gaurav Shah, shares the parallels between his leadership in the gene therapy space and his successes as a Grammy-nominated recording artist. Learn how Dr. Shah manages the scientific process, employees, finances, and stakeholder expectations by drawing from his mastery of music.



Herman and Erich Bozenhardt have a collective 55 years of bioprocess facilities design and equipment experience, and they’re here to share it all in our fresh Bioprocess with the Bozenhardts podcast series.


The Unusual Backstory Of The MiMedx Cover Feature

Ever wonder how a pharma executive gets to be on the cover of Life Science Leader? For Tim Wright, CEO of MiMedx, it was a chance encounter at a leadership conference a few years ago.

An Executive Order PhRMA’s Response Spur A Debate

Our guest, Outsourced Pharma Chief Editor Louis Garguilo, talks about the response from readers — and PhRMA — to his editorial, “Is PhRMA’s White House Rebuttal Acceptable?”