News | February 6, 2019

New Magnetic Stirrer With 7" Heated Plate One Of The Most Advanced On The Market

Across International, an industry leader in manufacturing heat treatment, material processing, and lab equipment, has just released a magnetic stirrer that's likely to become a fixture in labs across the world. It's one of the fastest on the market, can hold a gallon vessel, and has a chip proof plate, among other exciting features.

Livingston, NJ (PRWEB) - Across International (Ai), an industry leader in the manufacture of heat treatment, material processing, and laboratory equipment, just released a new magnetic stirrer which is set to become a staple in science labs around the globe.

This is the fastest stirrer we’ve ever put out. The stir bar spins 33% faster than our previously fastest model. A maximum speed of 2,000 rpm makes it one of the speediest on the market today. As such, it’s perfectly suited for stirring and homogenization. It works particularly well with high viscosity liquids, too.

The heated plate is longer, allowing it to receive bigger receptacles. It can hold a 7” beaker perfectly. Another advantage, it can heat up to a maximum temperature of 350°C. This is much hotter than the industry standard. Moreover, it’s maximum stirring volume is one gallon, a capacity rarely found on the market today.

Tired of having the Teflon plate of your magnetic stirrer chip? This model has a ceramic coated aluminum plate, which is far more rugged and will last longer. The stirrer is controlled by an advanced PID controller, with a digital temperature and rotation speed display. This lets you set parameters like speed and heating more precisely. It’s easy to program too, using a digital keypad.

The stirrer has two thermocouples for more accurate measurements. You can select between measuring the temperature of the plate itself or the inside of the flask. You can even switch between the two. Whether you know it or not, the temperature of the room you are in affects your sample’s temperature. Fortunately, the expert engineers at Across International have taken this into consideration.

This dual thermocouple system allows you to take a more accurate reading. With this option, you can see what effect the environment has on your sample and so can adjust for it. Besides all these great features, the unit comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime US-based service and support.

Across International is an industry leader in manufacturing heat treatment, material processing, and laboratory equipment. Its mission is to empower those advancing science by offering innovative, high-quality equipment, along with the best customer support.


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