Newsletter | June 8, 2022

06.08.22 -- New Episodes for You: Live Biologics & The Microbiome, Inside CAR-T Therapy for Ovarian Cancer and more.


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Voices From The Frontline Of Cell And Gene Discovery

Allogeneic RNA Cell Therapy Program With Cartesian Therapeutics' Dr. Metin Kurtoglu

Cartesian Therapeutics’ Dr. Metin Kurtoglu joins us to explain their autologous RNA cell therapies, Descartes-08 for Myasthenia Gravis and Descartes-11 for multiple myeloma. He also sheds light on Descartes-25, their allogeneic RNA cell therapy, and the reasons for the move to "off-the-shelf.” Hear why the future of RNA cell therapy is not confined to rare and fatal diseases.

Gene Therapy's Commercial Manufacturing Issues With Encoded Therapeutics' Andy Stober

Encoded Therapeutics' Chief Manufacturing Officer Andy Stober explains the unique commercial manufacturing issues in gene therapy and how to address them. Stober also shares some of the lessons he's learned, which may educate the next generation of gene therapy scientists to accelerate future manufacturing success. We also talk about what developers need to consider regarding the ethical responsibilities in gene therapy.

Inside CAR-T Therapy For Ovarian Cancer With Anixa Biosciences' Amit Kumar, Ph.D.

Amit Kumar, Ph.D., President and CEO at Anixa Biosciences details the company’s progress on its Phase 1 trial for ovarian cancer. We also discuss why the company’s ovarian cancer program is integral for initial proof of concept for other solid tumor indications. He covers why CAR-T therapy uses an existing hormone/hormone receptor relationship to create a targeted approach to treat ovarian cancer. Dr. Kumar shares how the field of cell therapy may evolve in the short term, and much more.


What's Next For COVID Vaccines: Tonix Pharmaceuticals' Seth Lederman, M.D.

As COVID-19 cases climb yet again, Tonix Pharmaceuticals Chairman and CEO Seth Lederman, M.D. shares his company's multi-pronged strategy to advance vaccine and therapeutic candidates to address the disease and its variants and grab its share of the highly competitive, and highly lucrative, vaccine market.

Running Interference: RNAi With Silence Therapeutics' Craig Tooman

Fresh on the heels of his appointment as President & CEO at Silence Therapeutics, Craig Tooman joins the Business of Biotech to share how he applies his finance-minded leadership to steward the advance of a pipeline of RNAi gene silencing candidates spanning indications from hematology to cardiovascular disease to rare diseases. 

Live Biologics & The Microbiome With 4D pharma's Duncan Peyton

4D pharma's flagship early-stage clinical candidates are live biotherapeutics, a relatively new class of biologics that seek to impact disease state by modulating the microbiome. CEO Duncan Peyton is leading the effort to understand how the health of the microbiome relates to a wide range of diseases, including immuno-oncology, central nervous system disorders, respiratory disease, auto immune indications, and gastro intestinal disease. 4D pharma is even working on a live biotherapeutic vaccine platform. 

Gene Tx For Renal Disease With Purespring CEO Richard Francis

Under the leadership of CEO Richard Francis, Purespring Therapeutics is operating with the audacious goal to take its therapeutics all the way to the commercial finish line. On this episode, Francis offers a transparent look at the company’s growth strategy and the progress it’s achieved to date.