Microlab® 300 Guided Pipetting System

Source: Hamilton Company

The Microlab 300 Pipettor is a guided pipetting system that minimizes pipetting errors and ensures consistency across all technicians and sample types.

Guided Protocols
The Microlab 300 Pipettor allows lab managers to securely convert manual paper protocols into pre-defined electronic protocols called Linked Methods, increasing reproducibility and minimizing user variation.

  • Linked Methods — These run-only applications serve as electronic SOPs and ensure process security by guiding the technician graphically through the pipetting steps in a controlled and auditable manner.
  • Password-protected Methods — The Microlab 300 allows lab managers to set account and access rights for each user. Password protection further enhances the system's security
  • Verification and Compliance — Log files can be viewed on the controller screen or archived and managed from a PC using the LyncStore program. The instrument complies with EPA, GLP, GMP, 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO-8655 regulatory standards.

Improved Accuracy
A liquid’s volume is affected by ambient temperature and pressure, as well as its volatility, density, viscosity and surface tension. The Microlab 300 allows you to accommodate the variability in a liquid's parameters and considerably increase its pipetted accuracy.

  • Easy-to-use Liquid Classes - The Microlab 300 comes with three easy-to-use Liquid Classes that cover the range of standard liquid properties (e.g., volatile, aqueous and viscous).
  • Atmospheric Pressure Adjustments - Enter your elevation to adjust the three standard Liquid Classes to your atmospheric pressure. With traditional pipetting accuracy can vary as much as 0.4% for every 1000 m of elevation change, but the Microlab 300 compensates for this effect.
  • Customizable Classes - In addition to the standard Liquid Classes, you can create your own custom Liquid Classes by performing a simple calibration procedure. The instrument does the rest.

Reduced Fatigue
The Microlab 300 Pipettor features a lightweight, ergonomically-designed Disposable Tip Hand Probe that maximizes all-day performance. Adaptable to left-and right-handed technicians, the probe has low force trigger buttons proven to maximize extended use comfort.

  • Hand probe is the lightest in the industry
  • Probe fits comfortably in the palm of a technician's hand
  • Probe requires less force to attach and eject ClickSure pipette tips

User-Friendly Software
The Microlab 300 features easy-to-use software and can operate in User-Directed or Guided pipetting modes to accommodate user preference.

User-Directed Pipetting — Preferred when running a one-off method or simple pipetting task.

  • On-the-fly digital volume adjustment
  • Favorite dispense volumes accessed using the scroll wheel.
  • Access to a variety of Wizards that simplify the process

Guided Pipetting — Used for frequently executed protocols to ensure consistency from run to run.

  • Preprogrammed pipetting steps ensure reproducibility
  • Automatic volume adjustment and onscreen instructions increase productivity and minimize errors
  • Password protection provides assurance that the method has not changed
  • Electronically-signed log files simplifies regulatory compliance

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