Brochure | August 28, 2013

MasterControl Training Brochure

Source: MasterControl

In regulated industries, such as the FDA and ISO environments, companies are required to implement and document employee training to ensure that their personnel know how to perform their duties within company and industry guidelines. As a result, training control is critical to compliance.

How can MasterControl help you?
MasterControl Training™ is a robust and easy-to-use software application that automates, streamlines, and effectively manages the training process. A part of the MasterControl integrated quality suite, this module connects training control with corrective/preventive action (CAPA), change control, audit, customer complaints, nonconformance disposition, and other quality processes.

MasterControl offers a line of validation products and services addressing different levels of validation needs based on individual risk assessment. They are designed to allow “continuous validation” for FDA-regulated companies by making validation of software upgrades easier, faster, and more cost-effective.