Marketing Intelligence and Strategic Thinking

Source: That’s Nice LLC


Nice Insight offers products and services focused on a variety of marketing intelligence needs. Whether you need a macro understanding of the contract manufacturing industry, or a micro understanding of particular providers and capabilities, Nice Insight can help with your market research needs.

Nice Insight is unique in enabling you to compare CMOs based on impartial reviews from thousands of industry peers who buy outsourced services, rather than the typical characteristics that make all contract service providers appear the same. Learn which companies rate highest for quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, affordability, productivity and innovation in the global contract outsourcing market.

We do the complicated analysis, so making good strategic decisions is easy for you.

+ 40,000 outsourcing decision-makers on survey panel – extensive biopharma industry reach
+ 10,000 respondents completed the 2013 study
+ 400 CMOs profiled, 107 included in the 2014 study
+ Research segmented by buyer group, region, department, therapeutic indication, phase, and outsourced services
+ Nice Insight research has been published in 25+ life science online and offline publications over the past 18 months
+ Data source for the CMO Leadership Awards